Dear Colleagues,

I would like to welcome you back from the Christmas break and offer you my best wishes for the coming year.

2004 is a special year for CERN as it marks the Organization's golden jubilee. Fifty years ago, the Laboratory was founded by visionary scientists. By pooling the efforts of European countries that had just emerged from a divisive war, they created the first European scientific institution. Since then, in addition to achieving scientific and technological breakthroughs, CERN has always been one step ahead of political diplomacy in promoting special relationships between nations. I am very proud to honour the memory of these visionaries and to take up office in this anniversary year. It is a great honour for me to lead such a prestigious institution. I am confident that, with your collaboration, we will succeed in meeting the challenges ahead of us and in ensuring the success of the LHC project ...

My best wishes to you and your families,

Robert Aymar

Robert Aymar,

2004 January, 5