Practical Information

Contact us

Address: Open day - Visits Service - CERN, CH 1211 Geneva 23, Switzerland


Telephone number: +41 (0)22 767 84 84

Fax number: +41 (0)22 767 87 10

How to get to CERN - Parking

The best way to get to CERN is to use public transport! The number 9 bus line will be reinforced and there will be free buses linking all the visit points. For more information see our Visits Service pages.

For those coming in a private car, please use car parks at the CERN Prevessin site, or at the Meyrin swimming pool.

Coach parkings are available at the LHC sites, the Meyrin and Prevessin sites. Visitors can use their coaches to travel from site to site. However they must use the CERN buses for moving about within the Meyrin site.

Accomodation Suggestions

You may find it useful to follow the suggested links for finding accommodation in the region.
For more options you may consult the CERN Housing Service List of hotels in the area.
For even more options, you may follow the links: Pays de Gex (F), Haute Savoie (F), Geneva (CH). The Geneva Tourist Office (CH) and Rhone-Alpes (F) websites can help you add other interesting activities to your visit to CERN.

Don't forget

  • The Open day facilities and visit points will be open non-stop from 9.00 – 17.00.
  • The entrance is free of charge.
  • Some activities require tickets. These are free and can be obtained from Welcome points.
  • Swiss francs and Euros are accepted.
  • Don't forget your passport or identity card, needed for crossing the border.
  • Please respect the security rules.

The programme in short

You may download a short pdf version of the programme of activities in the Meyrin site and in the Prevessin site in english, french, german or italian, suitable for printing. This programme will also be available at the Welcome points.

The full programme (english, french)
Printable pdf version (english, french)

The programme in the main auditorium (english, french)

The underground visits

For access to underground sites of the experiments ALICE, ATLAS and LHCb (for more information, see the interactive map), the following rules must be respected:

  • All underground visits are followed by a CERN designated guide.
  • Children under 6 are not allowed into the underground areas.
  • Children younger than 10 must be accompanied by one adult per child. 
  • Open shoes or shoes with heels are not allowed.


Discover the different activities in the several CERN Sites in an interactive map.

Print a pdf version of the general map of the CERN Sites, a map of the Meyrin site, a map of the Prevessin site.

In order to have access to the interactive map of the CERN Sites you need to install the Flash Player plug-in to your browser.
In order to have access to the pdf files you need to download Adobe Reader.